The current focus is to cover the authors up until around 1900. At the same time work is being done to cover more recent patterns where author is both known and unknown.

Author Books Patterns
Blacker, William 2 117
Fitzgibbon, Edward 2 0
Francis, Francis 1 141
Hale, J.H 1 40
Kelson, George M. 1 0
Knox, Arthur Edward 1 16
Pryce-Tannatt, Thomas Edwin 1 98
Sand, John 1 92
Tolfrey, Frederick 1 60

The insight shows statistics on what is most/least used and various insights into the material for this selection.

Authors 10
Books 12
Patterns 564
Pattern materials 5860
Average materials per pattern 10
Most used material
Least used material
Most used type
Least used type
Most used color
Least used color