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Title Author Patterns
A Book on Angling Francis, Francis 141
A Handbook of Angling Fitzgibbon, Edward
Autumns on the Spey Knox, Arthur Edward 16
How to Dress Salmon Flies Pryce-Tannatt, Thomas Edwin 98
How to Tie Salmon Flies Hale, J.H 40
Jones's Guide to Norway Tolfrey, Frederick 60
The Art of Angling Blacker, William 117
The Art of Fly Making Blacker, William
The Book of the Salmon Fitzgibbon, Edward
The Salmon Fly Kelson, George M.
    Total: 472 patterns

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Authors 8
Books 10
Patterns 472
Pattern materials 5408
Average materials per pattern 11
Most used material
Least used material
Most used type
Least used type
Most used color
Least used color