"Queen Of Spring" by Kelson, George M.

Author Kelson, George M.
Book The Salmon Fly
Book Edition N/A
Page 198
Description "In the Autumn this fly is dressed with gold twist and gold tinsel (body) and is known as the 'Queen of Autumn'"
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Original material

As written in the book:

TAG. Silver twist and canary silk.
TAIL. A topping and Summer Duck.
BUTT. Black herl.
BODY. Silver tinsel and black silk equally divided.
RIBS. Gold lace and silver tinsel.
HACKLE. Black, from silver tinsel.
WINGS. Tippet, Amherst Pheasant and Golden Pheasant tail, grey Mallard, Swan dyed canary, red and light blue; Mallard and two toppings.
HORNS. Blue Macaw.
SIDES. Jungle.
CHEEKS. Chatterer.