"The Chalmers" by Kelson, George M.

Author Kelson, George M.
Book The Salmon Fly
Book Edition N/A
Page 129

"A favourite pattern on North Esk."

Tags murray, esk,


  • Tag: Silver twist, yellow silk
  • Tail: Golden Phesant topping
  • Butt: Black herl
  • Body: Magenta silk
  • Rib: Silver, with enough turns to have equal amount of silver and body silk
  • Throat: Magenta
  • Wing: Dark mottled Turkey white tips
  • Topping: Golden Pheasant topping
  • Side: Jungle Cock
  • Head: Two turns of magenta

Original material

As written in the book:

TAG. Silver twist and yellow silk.
TAIL. A topping.
BUTT. Black herl.
BODY. Majenta silk.
RIBS. Silver tinsel, sufficient turns to ensure an equal width of silver and body silk alternately.
THROAT. Majenta hackle.
WINGS. Two strips of dark mottled Turkey showing white tips, and a topping.
SIDES. Jungle.
HEAD. Two turns of majenta hackle.