"River Ness: No.11" by Blacker, William

Author Blacker, William
Book The Art of Angling
Book Edition December 8th 1843
Page 113


  • Hook: b, bb
  • Tail: Small golden pheasant topping, or yellow mohair
  • Body: A little red, black, a little red, black mohair
  • Rib: Gold twist
  • Hackle: Black cock or heron
  • Wing: Spotted turkey tail or guinea hen rump feather

Original material

As written in the book:

Body - red tag of mohair, then black, then a little red, then black again, ribbed with gold twist. Legs - black cock hackle (or heron feather). Wings - spotted turkey tail, or guinea hen rump feather. (Small topping, or a tuft of yellow mohair for tail.) Hook as above.

Above: Hook, b, b b