"The Don No. 2" by Francis, Francis

Author Francis, Francis
Book A Book on Angling
Book Edition N/A
Page 355
Tags riverdon,


  • Hook: No. 7 to 10
  • Tag: Silver tinsel
  • Tail: A few fibres of gold pheasant's rump and a little yellow crewel
  • Body: 2/5 dark red, 3/5 dark blue pig's wool
  • Throat: Light blue, short grouse
  • Wing: Strips of red dun turkey feather speckled with black

Original material

As written in the book:

Tag, tail, and but as before; body, about two-fifths dark red and three-fifths dark blue pig; hackle (only at shoulder) light blue, and over it a short grouse hackle; wings, strips of the red of dun turkey feather speckled with black. Size, 7 to 10,

Note, "before": Tag, silver tinsel; tail, a few fibres of gold pheasant's rump and a small tuft of yellow crewel; but black ostrich herl; body, black pig's wool: silver twist hackle, black with blue jay on shoulder; wings, gled or dun turkey strips. Size, 7 to 10.

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tag Tinsel Silver      
Tail Pheasant - Golden
Latin: Chrysolophus pictus Rump
And a little yellow crewel
Body Pig Wool
2/5 body
Red - Dark      
Pig Wool
3/5 body
Blue - Dark      
Throat Chicken - Cock
Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus
Feather - Neck
And short grouse
Blue - Light      
Wing Turkey
Latin: Genus: Meleagris
Red dun, black speckled

Materials in pattern

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