The materials used in the patterns listed on, click through to each individual material to see which pattern they are used in, pictures of different parts and available substitutes.

Animals marked with cites are listed on (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ) in one of the appendices.
If a broader family is listed as cites just some of the sub-species can be actually on the cites list, not the entire family

Name Images Latin Cites Search Usage Patterns
Cock of the rock   Rupicola * Yes Patterns 8 7
Eagle   Accipitridae Yes Patterns 3 3
Florican Yes - 1 Otididae Yes Patterns 28 28
Jungle Cock Yes - 1 Gallus sonneratii Yes Patterns 99 87
Kori Bustard   Ardeotis kori Yes Patterns 118 114
Macaw   Tribe: Arini Yes Patterns 218 165
Parrot   Order: Psittaciformes Yes Patterns 48 39
Peacock Yes - 1 Pavo cristatus Yes Patterns 137 112
Toucan   Family: Ramphastidae Yes Patterns 12 9