"The Helmsdale No. 3" by Francis, Francis

Author Francis, Francis
Book A Book on Angling
Book Edition N/A
Page 373
Tags riverhelmsdale,


  • Hook: No. 7 to 10
  • Tag: Silver tinsel, orange floss
  • Tail: Golden pheasant topping
  • Butt: Blue ostrich herl
  • Body: Three turns ruby floss, remaining: 1/2 olive and 1/2 medium blue mohair (roughish and picked out)
  • Rib: Silver twist
  • Throat: Grouse hackle
  • Wing: A bit of golden pheasant tippet, strips of golden pheasant tail and teal, guinea, plenty of orange swan strands
  • Head: Black

Original material

As written in the book:

Tag, silver tinsel and orange floss; tail, a top-ping; but, blue ostrich herl; body, ruby floss three turns, olive and then medium blue mohair in equal parts (roughish and picked out); silver twist; grouse hackle at shoulder; wing as before, with the addition of a slice of gallina (the round spotted); head black.

Note, before: Tag, silver twist; tail, a topping; but, black ostrich herl; body, gold-coloured floss one-third, the rest pea-green pig's wool (roughish and picked out); silver twist; grouse hackle (thickish) on shoulder; wing, a bit of tippet, strips of gold pheasant tail and teal, plenty of orange sprigs, a topping over all; two short jungle-cock at cheeks

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tag Tinsel Silver      
Floss Orange      
Tail Pheasant - Golden
Latin: Chrysolophus pictus
Feather - Head Natural
Butt Ostrich
Latin: Struthio camelus
Herl Black      
Body Floss
Three turns
Other Mohair
1/2 body
Other Mohair
Medium blue, 1/2 body
Rib Tinsel Silver      
Throat Grouse Feather Natural
Wing Pheasant - Golden
Latin: Chrysolophus pictus
Feather - Neck
A bit
Pheasant - Golden
Latin: Chrysolophus pictus
Feather - Tail
Latin: Anas crecca
Guinea Feather
Latin: Genus: Cygnus
Feather - Wing
Strands, plenty
Other Black      

Materials in pattern

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