"Doctor Leonard" by Kelson, George M.

Author Kelson, George M.
Book The Salmon Fly
Book Edition N/A
Page 141
Description "A favourite fly on the Moy (chiefly used above Ballina) and on the Owenmore. "
Tags regan, moy, owenmore,


  • Tag: Silver twist, yellow silk
  • Tail: Golden Pheasant topping, blue mohair
  • Butt: Black herl
  • Body: Four turns of silver twist. Black silk butted in middle with four turns of silver twist with a top mane of short claret mohair
  • Throat: Golden olive,  Blue Jay
  • Wings: Two strips of Golden Pheasant tippet, Golden Pheasant tail, Mallard and Golden Pheasant topping
  • Horns: Blue Macaw

Original material

As written in the book:

TAG. Silver twist and yellow silk.
TAIL. A topping and blue mohair.
BUTT. Black herl.
BODY. Four close turns of silver twist. Two equal sections of black silk butted with four close turns (as before) of silver twist, each having a top mane of claret mohair (short).
THROAT. Golden olive hackle and Jay.
WINGS. Two strips of tippet ; Golden Pheasant, trail Mallard and a topping.
HORNS. Blue Macaw.