"The Donkey" by Kelson, George M.

Author Kelson, George M.
Book The Salmon Fly
Book Edition N/A
Page 141

"This old standard of my Father's is a useful fly on the Lee and other Irish waters. "    

Tags kelson, lee, irish,


  • Tag: Silver twist, yellow silk
  • Tail: Golden Pheasant topping
  • Butt: Black herl
  • Body: Donkey's fur, or Silver Monkey's fur
  • Ribs: Silver
  • Hackle: Natural blue-dun, from second turn
  • Throat: Blue Jay
  • Wings: Golden Pheasant Tippet, Teal, Golden Pheasant tail, grey Mallard, dark mottled Turkey, yellow and red Swan, Mallard
  • Horns: Blue Macaw
  • Head: Black herl

Original material

As written in the book:

TAG. Silver twist and yellow silk.
TAIL. A topping.
BUTT. Black herl.
BODY. Donkey's fur (now, Silver Monkey's fur).
RIBS. Silver tinsel.
HACKLE. A transparent natural blue-dun hackle, from second turn.
WINGS. Tippet, Teal, and Golden Pheasant tail, grey Mallard, dark mottled Turkey, Swan dyed yellow and red ; and Mallard.
HORNS. Blue Macaw.
HEAD. Black herl.