"The Red Sandy" by Kelson, George M.

Author Kelson, George M.
Book The Salmon Fly
Book Edition N/A
Page 201
"A good fly on the Halladale; and highly prized in Iceland"
Tags mcnicol, halladale, iceland,


  • Tag: Silver twist
  • Tail: Golden Pheasant topping, Indian Crow
  • Butt: Scarlet wool
  • Body: Oval silver, butted in center with Indian Crow and scarlet wool
  • Hackle: Scarlet, second half
  • Wings: Four paris Indian Crow, enveloping extended Jungle Cock, two Golden Pheasant toppings
  • Horns: Red Macaw
  • Head: Scarlet wool

Original material

As written in the book:

TAG. Silver twist.
TAIL. A topping and Indian Crow.
BUTT. Scarlet wool.
BODY. In two sections of silver tinsel (oval), No. 1 butted with Indian Crow and scarlet wool.
HACKLE. Scarlet, along No. 2 section.
WINGS. Indian Crow four double feathers overlapping each other and enveloping extended Jungle (back to back), and two toppings.
HORNS. Red Macaw.
HEAD. Scarlet wool.