"Butcher" by Pryce-Tannatt, Thomas Edwin

Author Pryce-Tannatt, Thomas Edwin
Book How to Dress Salmon Flies
Book Edition N/A
Page 222


  • Hook:1 1/4 to 2 inches
  • Tag: Silver thread, lemon floss
  • Tail: Golden pheasant topping, Blue Chatterer
  • Butt: Black herl
  • Body: Fiery brown, pale blue, claret and dark blue Seal's fur, picked out
  • Rib: Flat silver and twist
  • Hackle: Dark claret or black
  • Throat: Lemon, Guinea
  • Wing: Golden pheasant tippets, covered by Golden pheasant breast feathers and broad strips of Teal. Narrow strips of yellow, scarlet, blue and orange Swan. Bustard and Golden Pheasant tail
  • Roof: Broad Brown Mallard
  • Cheeks: Blue Chatterer
  • Topping: Golden pheasant topping
  • Horns: Blue and Yellow Macaw

Original material

As written in the book:

(hook, 1 1/4 to 2 inches).
Tag: Silver thread and lemon floss.
Tail: A topping and Blue Chatterer.
Butt: Black herl.
Body: Fiery brown, pale blue, claret, and dark blue Seal's fur in equal sections (picked out).
Ribs: Flat silver tinsel and twist.
Hackle: A dark claret or black hackle.
Throat: A lemon hackle followed by Speckled Gallina.
Wings: A pair of tippets (back to back), covered by a pair of Golden Pheasant breast feathers, and these by a pair of broad strips of Teal; "married" narrow strips of yellow Swan and Bustard, scarlet and blue Swan, orange Swan, and Golden Pheasant tail; strips of brown Mallard over (rather broad).
Cheeks: Blue Chatterer; a topping over all (sometimes there is no topping).
Horns: Blue and Yellow Macaw.