"River Axe: 3. Yellow Dun, or Upright" by Blacker, William

Author Blacker, William
Book The Art of Angling
Book Edition December 8th 1843
Page 68


  • Hook: fe. No. 12 or 13
  • Body: Pale yellow silk, a little waxed
  • Hackle: Yellow grizzly
  • Wing: Thrush, or land rail

Original material

As written in the book:

Hook much smaller than the patteni fly, but not so small as the Iron blue, (hook, fe., No. 12 or 13). Body - pale yellow silk, a little waxed; hackle and whisks, color sent (a yellow grizzle hackle). Wings - thrush, or land rail. N.B. - The thrush is of a yellowish, and the land rail a reddish hue.

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Body Silk
Pale yellow
Hackle Feather
Wing Thrush, or land rail Feather Natural