"Rive Boyne: No,1" by Blacker, William

Author Blacker, William
Book The Art of Angling
Book Edition December 8th 1843
Page 108


  • Hook: No.9, Limerick
  • Tip: Gold
  • Tail: Mallard, three or four fibers
  • Body: Dark claret pig's wool
  • Rib: Double gold, three turns
  • Hackle: Dark claret, from the center
  • Wing: Brown mallard, varied with brown turkey

Original material

As written in the book:

Body - claret pig hair (dark), ribbed with double gold (three turns). Legs - dark claret hackle, struck on the centre of the body up. Wings - brown mallard, varied with brown turkey. Tail - three or four fibres of mallard, gold tip. Hook No.9, Limerick

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tip Tinsel Gold      
Tail Mallard
Latin: Anas platyrhynchos
3 or 4 fibers
Body Pig Wool Claret - dark
Rib Tinsel
Double. Three turns
Hackle Chicken - Cock
Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus
Feather - Neck Claret - dark
Wing Mallard
Latin: Anas platyrhynchos
Vary with brown turkey

Materials in pattern

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