"River Tweed: No.2" by Blacker, William

Author Blacker, William
Book The Art of Angling
Book Edition December 8th 1843
Page 99


  • Hook: No. 8, Limerick
  • Tail: Orange mohair, short and full. Optionally: golden pheasant topping
  • Body: Gold pig hair, black to the head, small section of orange
  • Rib: Silver tinsel
  • Hackle: Large saddle of cock
  • Wing: Black and white spotted turkey tail, or a dark bronze turkey, with white tip

Original material

As written in the book:

Body - gold colour pig hair next the tail, and black to the shoulder, ribbed with silver tinsel, a little orange at the head. Legs - a large saddle, (these are the strongest feathers) cock hackle from the yellow up, (pick out the orange through the hackle at the trottle). Wings - black and white spotted turkey tail, or a dark bronze feather of the same, with white tip (see the turkey and mallard wings prepared in the plate of feathers.) Tail orange tuft of mohair, short and full; a golden pheasant crest is equally good. Hook No. 8, Limerick,

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tail Other Mohair
Short and full
Body Pig Wool Gold      
Pig Wool Black      
Pig Wool
Small section by head
Rib Tinsel Silver      
Hackle Chicken - Cock
Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus
Feather - Saddle Natural
Wing Turkey
Latin: Genus: Meleagris
Feather - Tail
Black and white spotted. Or dark bronze turkey with white tip

Materials in pattern

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