"The Awe No. 5" by Francis, Francis

Author Francis, Francis
Book A Book on Angling
Book Edition N/A
Page 367
Tags riverawe,


  • Tag: Silver thread
  • Tail: Orange mohair, teal
  • Body: Two turns medium pea-green floss, bright medium blue mohair. A little bit of light claret mohair at the shoulder
  • Rib: Silver tinsel
  • Hackle: Light claret
  • Wing: Sections of black heron.

Original material

As written in the book:

Tag, silver thread; tail, a bit of orange mohair and teal; body, two turns of medium pea-green floss, and the rest of bright medium blue mohair, a few fibres of light claret mohair being thrown in at the shoulder; silver tinsel; hackle, light claret; wings, slips of black heron.

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tag Thread Silver      
Tail Other Mohair Orange      
Latin: Anas crecca
Feather Natural
Body Floss
Medium pea-green
Other Mohair
Bright medium blue
Other Mohair
A bit by the wing
Claret - light
Rib Tinsel Silver      
Hackle Chicken - Cock
Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus
Feather - Neck Claret - light
Wing Heron
Latin: Family: Ardeidae

Materials in pattern

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