"The Tartan" by Francis, Francis

Author Francis, Francis
Book A Book on Angling
Book Edition N/A
Page 353
Tags dee,


  • Tag: Gold tinsel
  • Tail: Golden pheasant rump
  • Body: Half orange and half scarlet-red mohair, sparsely
  • Rib: Broad gold tinsel
  • Hackle: Stripped, on one side, sandy-red cock's hackle, large blue-grey heron hackle (should reach the bend of the hook)
  • Throat: Teal
  • Wing: Two strips of silver-grey mottled turkey

Original material

As written in the book:

Tag, gold tinsel; tail, gold pheasant rump; body, half orange and half scarlet-red mohair laid on sparely, of course; broadish gold tinsel also spare; hackle, first a stripped sandy-red cock's hackle (that is, only one side of it to be used, the other being stripped off), and on top of this, the large blue-grey hackle or feather from the heron's back and rump; the larger the better, they cannot be too large, as when the hackle is laid on the fibres are expected to extend from the very head to the farthest bend of the hook. It is an awkward feather to lay on, as are all heron's hackles, being very delicate. It should be tied in, to commence from as low down as it can be conveniently tied, so as to leave enough for a good thick brush from the head. In winding on the hackle if any of the
red hackle fibres under it be wound in, they must be picked out afterwards with the needle, and put in their proper position. At the shoulder, a teal hackle of course. Wings, two strips of silver-grey mottled turkey (the small mottled feather)

Long material list

Part Material Type Color
Tag Tinsel Gold      
Tail Pheasant - Golden
Latin: Chrysolophus pictus Rump
Feather Natural
Body Other Mohair
1/2 body
Other Mohair
Scarlet-red. 1/2 body
Rib Tinsel
Hackle Chicken - Cock
Latin: Gallus gallus domesticus
Sandy-red. Stripped on one side.
Latin: Family: Ardeidae
Blue-grey, to bend of hook
Throat Teal
Latin: Anas crecca
Feather Natural
Wing Turkey
Latin: Genus: Meleagris
Silver-grey mottled

Materials in pattern

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